Brandie Jefferson

Senior News Director, Engineering and Brain Sciences

My family used to joke that I’d probably never leave school. Why would I want to? On any given day I could attend a public lecture, pop in on a random class, or run into an expert in a field I didn’t even know existed while getting coffee.

 As the student loans built up, however, I realized I needed a job. Journalism seemed like the closest thing to staying in school so for about 10 years I reported for newspapers, a wire service, and online media outlets. I was able to satisfy my curiosities about the world by interviewing scientists, activists, business owners, politicians, and anyone else who would sit down for an interview.

 Because of the changing media landscape, I transitioned to government communications, where I was able to share with Maryland residents the stories of some of our progressive prison programs. I have always, however, wanted to return to school.

Now, as a news director at Washington University, I’ve made it! I’m back at school, where I get to share the excitement, the novelty, and the impacts of the work done by our faculty.

As a bonus, as an Evanston, Ill. native, I’m pleased to be back in the Midwest where people say “hello” when they walk by, and where the zipper method is more than an abstract idea, but a technique actually employed by rush hour drivers.

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