Liz Bohn

Operations Assistant

My workday is filled mostly with money-related projects for University Marketing & Communications. I track accounting information for three Cost Centers in Workday and then do what I can to summarize that data and make it available to colleagues.  Some of this financial work coordinates closely with a project management tool that allows for review and comparison. 

My traditional approach to overseeing our department’s document retention is being stretched to new dimensions in the cloud-based approach that is represented by Workday.

I have a reputation for figuring out workflow, solving riddles, and hustling for timely payments.  I kind of get a kick out of being fluent in the distinct “languages” of the staff in financial services, the suppliers providing goods/services, the campus partners with whom we coordinate finances, and the co-workers in my department. 

My non-work world is primarily family-focused. If you put a tracking device on my activity you would soon learn why I wish we all lived a bit closer geographically.  My husband, Tony, and I might be responsible for more than our share of wear and tear on the Poplar Street Bridge over the past 15 years, just sayin’.

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