As a large, multi-faceted institution, Washington University is composed of many academic and administrative units, divisions, centers and programs, each with a distinct audience and identity.

Do not attempt to create artwork for your own identity marks. Please contact MarComm to discuss the feasibility of developing a mark for your unit.

School of Medicine logos and lockups can be found on the Medicine Marketing & Communications.

Unit Lockups Levels

Level 1 Lockup

Official university logo

WashU one line logo

Level 2 Lockup

Schools and approved university-wide divisions

Washington University in St. Louis Logo is above James McKelvey School of Engineering as a level 2 lockup

Level 3 Lockup

Centers or programs, typically part of a school or other unit

Wellness Connection written above Human Resources at Washington University as a Level 3 Lock up

Logo colors and backgrounds

On a dark background, a reverse version of the logo is required, with the wordmark in white. Note that the reverse versions of the logo include a white outline around the three-color shield.

One-color versions of the logo are also available for applications when full-color printing of the logo is not possible. The one-color logo may only appear in black or our gray (on a light-colored background) or reversed to white (on a dark background). Our red or green are acceptable colors for the one-color logo on merchandise only.

Full-Color Reverse

Full-Color Reverse WashU logo

One-Color Positive

One Color Positive Logo

One-Color Reverse

One-Color Reverse Logo

Clear space

When using any approved version of the logo, it is important that the area surrounding the logo remain free of type or imagery, so that nothing competes with the logo for the viewer’s attention. To ensure this, each approved version of the logo must never appear closer than the height and width of the shield to the edge of the paper or to any other typography or artwork. This clear space may necessarily be reduced when placing the logo on a website, but designers should still take care to separate the logo from other page contents, such as in a header bar.

One line

One-line WashU Logo

Two-line Horizontal

Two-line Horizontal WashU Logo

Two-line Centered

Two-line Centered WashU Logo

Three-line Centered

Three-line Centered WashU Logo

Logo don’ts

Washington University logos, including logo “lockups,” must always be reproduced from approved artwork and can never be altered. The examples show various unapproved uses.

WashU shield seperated from typography
Do not use the shield or typography separately.

WashU Logo with overly large shield
Do not re-size the shield or typography.

WashU logo with a drop shadow
Do not add drop shadows or other effects.

Abbreviated and unapproved WashU logo
Do not crop the logo.

WashU logo that is squished out of proportion
Do not change the logo proportions.
WashU logo with shield and typography repositioned
Do not reposition the shield or typography.

WashU Logo in unapproved font
Do not substitute a different font.

WashU logo in unapproved color
Do not produce the logo in alternate colors.

WashU logo with a graduation cap on the shield
Do not add elements to the logo that attempts to create a new mark.

Motion Graphics: Our official logo marks should not be animated — no flying, flipping, zooming, breaking apart or building. In video or multimedia applications, the logo should simply dissolve on or off screen as a unit.

General guidelines

The logo should appear on either the front or back of any printed communication and on every web page or electronic communication.

Use discretion when placing and sizing the logo.

In most cases, it does not need to be prominently displayed. It is an identifying element, not a design device. It should occupy a position in the layout hierarchy that serves as a signature. It should not be the main focus. It should be large enough to be legible and proportionate to the design, but no larger.

The layout examples shown apply also for Level 2 and Level 3 lockups.

Two images side by side. One shows the WashU logo correctly placed and in the appropriate size. The second shows is crossed out and shows the same image but with an over-sized WashU logo.
Don’t over-logo.

No more than one university lockup should appear on the same page — for example, if a page includes a school logo (Level 2 lockup) or center logo (Level 3 lockup), it is redundant to place a university logo in the same layout.

Two images side by side. One image shows the correct use of logos, featuring one second level lock up of Sam Fox School. The second image is crossed out and shows the same cover with two logos, the main WashU logo and the Sam Fox School second level lock up logo.

For situations that require co-branding or partnering of two or more university units the “one-logo” rule applies. Use the highest-level logo that applies to all entities and list the separate units in ordinary type.

Reverse one color Institute for Public Health logo is larger and on the center left with the words "Impact Report 2013 - 2014". At the bottom, in small text, there is a list of centers within the Institute.
Reverse one color Institute for Public Health logo is larger and on the center left with the words "Impact Report 2013 - 2014". At the bottom, in small text, are several logos of smaller centers. The whole image is crossed out.
Reverse WashU logo over the top of a blurred image of a student studying. There is a lorem ipusum headline, and at the bottom of the page in smaller text is a list of entities that have sponsored the event.
Use care to provide separation between logos.

Use care to provide separation between logos when creating any layout that requires using the university logo (or any university lockup) and any other logo in the same design (such as a partnership, sponsorship or other affiliation).

Two image side by side. The first image has the WashU logo at the top of the cover, and the Center for Religion and Politics logo at the bottom of the document. The second image shows the same document, but both logos are next to each other at the top. The second image is crossed out.
Custom marks

Although the logo architecture for schools, centers, departments and other permanent university entities is outlined here and should be maintained, there may be occasional instances when the development of a unique logo may be appropriate.

The development of a non-standard logo should only be undertaken in consultation with and approval by MarComm.

Some instances when unique logos may be considered:

To identify initiatives or events that have a defined end date — for instance, a capital campaign, alumni event or academic symposium.

The image shows the Leading Together logo, Reunion 2014 logo, and the Women's Society of Washington University 50th anniversary logo.

To distinguish university-affiliated commercial entities from Washington University itself.

This image shows the unique Edison Theater logo, the Lofts of Washington University logo, and Quadrangle Housing logo.
Outline shield

This variation of the logo shield has been created to allow designers the freedom to use this iconic university emblem with more design flexibility. It can be used as an accent graphic to add visual impact to a layout and provide an additional element of our identity to compositions. It can be used in large or small sizes, cropped at the edge of a composition or as a stand-alone flourish. It can be produced in any single brand color or reversed from a photograph. The outline shield is always a single color. Do not attempt to fill in areas with color or create multi-color variations.

In order to maintain the integrity of the design at all sizes, the outline shield has been created in two variations: large (open) and small (solid). The difference between these is the treatment of the small stars and fleurs-de-lis. When the outline shield is produced at smaller than 1 inch, or in any situation that renders the outlines of these details difficult to reproduce, choose the solid version.

Image shows a small shield logo (under an inch) with solid stars. Underneath it is a larger shield (larger than an inch) with open stars. To the right of the shields is an image of a publication with the large shield in the bottom right corner. The shield is off-center and running off the page.

Do not confuse the one-color version of the university logo shield for the outline shield.

The image shows three possible covers. The first two show the larger shield with open stars; the third image is crossed out, but it shows a cover with a filled in shield. This is the incorrect shield to use.
Digital outline shield

This variation of the outline logo shield has been created to be used on digital platforms to allow the logo shield to be responsive on all devices. It can be used on large or small screens. It can be produced in any single brand color or reversed.

In order to maintain the integrity of the design at all sizes, the digital outline shield has been created in two variations: desktop and mobile. When the digital outline shield is produced at smaller than 50px, choose the mobile version.

Mobile Digital Outline Shield

Mobile – smaller than 50px

Digital Outline Shield

Desktop – larger than 50px, up to 100px

Logo alternative

In instances where the logo simply will not work due to extremely limited space, the name of the university may be substituted. Examples where this may be required are branded products such
as pens, flash drives or similar small items. In these cases, the name “Washington University in St. Louis” — or, if necessary, “Washington University” should be typeset in Libre Baskerville. Wherever possible, a version of the logo should be used.