Policy for the sale of consumer products bearing Washington University in St. Louis trademarks on any of the university campuses or properties (including temporary so-called “pop-up” shops) and on the internet

WashU regulates the use of its physical and online property for sales and other commercial activities in order to maintain a safe, attractive environment for teaching, research, and patient care on the Danforth and Medical School campuses. MarComm manages branded product sales for the entire university through its trademark licensing program.

The trademark licensing program promotes quality and consistency in the representation of the university on all branded commercial and promotional products, protects university trademarks, and works for accountable fair treatment of workers. Only licensed and approved companies may use the university’s names, images, logos, and trademarks on consumer products.

The Danforth campus bookstore, Medical campus bookstore, Bear Necessities, and Department of Athletics are the only university entities allowed to run branded product sales operations on campus and/or online.  No other branded product sales or fundraising activities are permitted.

Should another university department, group, entity, or affiliate wish to conduct on-campus or online sales of branded consumer products, even if those sales are intended to be temporary, seasonal, special-event related, or for fundraising, the first step is to contact the trademark licensing program for consultation and direction.