A Radical Plan to Save the Delta

Campus Partner: Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

One of our tasks at MarComm is to report on the remarkable research and accomplishments of WashU’s faculty and students. To share an example of this work from the Sam Fox School’s College of Architecture, MarComm generated a story, “A Radical Plan to Save the Delta,” that was picked up by Metropolis Magazine, a renowned publication for architecture and design.




The most pressing challenge of covering the story was conveying the project’s massive scope and technical content in a way appealing to both architects and lay people. Through original photography—produced by MarComm and by assistant professor of architecture Derek Hoeferlin—as well as a focus on in-depth storytelling that maintained a conversational tone and kept the audience aware of the issues at play, we were able to highlight the achievements of the Sam Fox faculty, current students, and alumni.

Derek Hoeferlin on the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis.
Derek Hoeferlin near the Chain of Rocks Bridge on the Mississippi River. (Photo: James Byard/WUSTL Photos)
A pelican on the Mississippi River Delta
A pelican on the Mississippi River Delta. (Photo: Derek Hoeferlin)


Via Metropolis Magazine, as well as WashU’s news site, The Source, MarComm conveyed, and created greater awareness of, the high-level work characteristic of the Sam Fox School and its prestigious College of Architecture.

Radical Plan article displayed on The Source website
Radical Plan article displayed on The Source website