building names

General guidelines:

Always use the proper designation of what a building is: Scott Smith lives in Gregg House; NOT Scott Smith lives in Gregg. The class meets every morning in Rebstock Hall; NOT The class meets every morning in Rebstock.

Do not use the first and last names of buildings named after individuals: Harbison House; NOT Earle H. Jr. and Suzanne S. Harbison House.

Plurals should lowercase the “halls,” “houses” or “residence houses” in accordance with AP style. (In general, residential buildings are now “houses” or “residence houses,” except Olin Residence Hall on the Medical Campus.)

Do not combine and lowercase the building designations (hall, house, residence house, etc.) unless building designations are the same: Nemerov and Wheeler houses will undergo renovations this summer. Koenig and Lee residence houses hosted the dinner. The plaza is between Crow and Compton halls.

When considering using buildings’ names with locations, the issue is making the location clear to the reader. For example, Brown Hall Lounge is obviously in Brown Hall; there is no need to say Brown Lounge in Brown Hall. Similarly, Steinberg Auditorium is obviously in Steinberg Hall; there is no need to say Steinberg Auditorium in Steinberg Hall. However, for example, one should write Holmes Lounge in Ridgley Hall and Lopata Gallery in Lopata Hall, because there also is a Lopata House.

When using a room number with a building name, the building’s name is followed by a comma and the room number. Do not use a zero before ground-level floors: Alumni House, Room 43; Rebstock Hall, Room 249.
See floor; level.

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