Here is the list of capital campaigns at Washington University:

This fundraising campaign ran from May 2, 1983, through December 31, 1987. When referring to this campaign, use caps and small caps when typeset; use all caps when typewritten. The prefacing “the” in “the ALLIANCE FOR WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY” is not part of the formal title and so is not capitalized.

Campaign for Washington University: A Partnership for the 21st Century
Use the full title, in italics, upon first reference to this campaign, which ran from September 1998 through June 2004. In subsequent references as a noun, use ​Campaign for Washington University​ in italics or, if the shorter “Campaign” is bein used in reference specifically to this fundraising effort, capitalize the “C” but do not use italics. If the word is being used as an adjective (“the campaign goal”) or as a general noun (“college and university campaigns”), the word should appear all in lowercase. But for the Record, use simply the​ Campaign for Washington University​ on first reference.

Leading Together: The Campaign for Washington University
Use ​Leading Together: The Campaign for Washington University​ on first reference; on second reference, use ​Leading Together​ italicized or the campaign lowercased. The campaign began in September 2013 and ran through June 2018.

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