Written in the present tense. As early as possible, the cutline should describe the action in the photo. Include degrees but do not include titles unless the photo is a stand-alone or the subject is not mentioned in the accompanying story.

Directions are indicated in parentheses and after people’s names: (left); (right); (second from right); (from left); etc. Direction indicators should be kept to a minimum, but who’s who must be clear to the reader.

The direction comes after the degree but before its final offsetting comma: Greg Smith (right), the Elinor Anheuser Professor of mathematics in Arts & Sciences, demonstrates a new technique.

In photo collages (with no accompanying story), which photo is being referred to is indicated outside parentheses: Above, Chancellor Andrew Martin greets students John Smith (left) and Bobby Taylor at the Chancellor’s Gala Thursday at Harbison House. At right, (from left) Doug Smith, dean of the School of Law and the Ethan A.H. Shepley University Professor; Greg Harter, professor and associate dean for academic affairs in the law school; and Nancy Jones, professor of chemistry in Arts & Sciences, enjoy a laugh.

Direct quotes in cutlines and muglines receive normal (double) quotation marks.

See academic degrees and named professorships.

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