department names

The official title of the majority of university departments takes a Department of construction. Uppercase full formal name of the department: the Department of Pathology & Immunology or the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences in Arts & Sciences. Lowercase department in other constructions: the otolaryngology department or the biology department. Lowercase the departments when appearing before more than one department: the departments of Biology, Political Science and English, all in Arts & Sciences.

When describing what department a faculty member is in, frequently it is easier not to include the department’s official title: Janet Jones, professor of political science in Arts & Sciences; NOT Janet Jones, professor in the Department of Political Science in Arts & Sciences. Frank Smith, professor of mathematics in Arts & Sciences, NOT Frank Smith, professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in Arts & Sciences. For faculty members at the School of Medicine: Because many School of Medicine department names include the word “and,” include the word “of” in between department names in cases of multiple-department appointments. John Smith, MD, professor of neuroscience, of neurosurgery, and of pathology and immunology. Otherwise, the official title should be used, if possible, on first reference.

Exceptions to the Department of construction being a part of an official title include: Performing Arts Department in Arts & Sciences. See department websites for any clarifications.

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