Campus Partner: Vice Chancellor for Innovation

MarComm created a new website to showcase the university’s robust commercialization and technology transfer ecosystem.



The primary audience for the site is faculty and researchers, with the intention of providing support and encouragement to submit their IP into the commercialization pipeline. The site also features WashU technologies and startups for interested investors. 

The site has five main goals:

  • Highlight data-driven proof of success
  • Showcase societal impact
  • Demonstrate economic value
  • Feature robust infrastructure and support
  • Promote commercialization process and opportunities

Through the site’s content structure and taxonomy, we accomplished the following:

  • Make our key selling points transparent with the main navigation
  • Use the home page content to establish our WashU Innovation narrative
  • Offer actionable content for faculty and researchers
  • Offer links to Skandalaris Center for student innovators
  • Create a low maintenance system for site admin


With a quick scan of the homepage, visitors see key messages about WashU’s commitment to new technology, including what resources we offer and what sectors we are focused on.

The Innovation site balances a dynamic web experience with ease of maintenance for site admins:

  • By using filters and categories, the site  can automatically display content on various pages.
  • Articles from external sources can also be pulled in, eliminating the need for admins to create original content.
Innovation site viewed on a tablet and mobile phone

Resources are filtered in a way that encourages visitors to take action.

Innovation site viewed on a tablet and mobile phone

We created charts to display data that demonstrates the impact WashU has had on innovation.

Animated illustrations were designed to create a dynamic layout for each step on the process page