Insider’s Guide

Campus Partner: Office of the Provost

Washington University is one of the world’s premier institutions. As we continue to attract top talent to our faculty and staff, we must also demonstrate that St. Louis itself is an ideal destination for living and working. That was the challenge we faced in this unique partnership with the Office of the Provost.



Our resulting strategy was to bring our community to the target audience, creating a dynamic 72-page booklet that provided personal perspectives on St. Louis living. The guide was also an opportunity for us to bring the WashU brand essence to life, both in terms of design and storytelling. Firsthand perspectives from professors, administrators, and community leaders—on everything from favorite weekend activities to entrepreneurship to family life—were accompanied by original photography and unique ‘things to do’ lists provided by our community members.


The Insider’s Guide conveys that WashU in St. Louis is a place where people matter and serious work is done. The guide serves as an important yield piece during the recruitment process, offering a first step in acquainting potential hires with St. Louis living’s rich rewards.

Insider's Guide cover


Photography was an integral part of creating the Insider’s Guide. Our photographers took portraits of the community members highlighted in the guide. They also took a number of environmental photos in order to showcase the vibrant nature of the St. Louis community.

Magazine spread featuring Jason Purnell
magazine spread featuring woman and her dog
magazine spread featuring two women