WashU Sites

Student sits next to a tree on the WashU campus with his laptop open as the sun sets

Campus Partners: The WashU community: faculty, students, and academic divisions

MarComm created WashU Sites to create an easy and streamlined process for anyone in the WashU community to create a website aligned with the online WashU brand. It allows for a consistent communications style across university-affiliated websites and offers comprehensive user support for site creation. 




WashU Sites, created and maintained by the MarComm digital team, is a fully supported and free self-service platform that allows anyone with a WUSTL Key to create a WashU brand-aligned website on WordPress. It includes features for managing staff lists/directories, calendars, and forms (registration, contact, newsletters, etc.), and among many other features.

WashU Sites website landing page is shown in a tablet device view

The platform is used by many individuals and groups across the university. Users have created sites for faculty, labs, student groups and clubs, class projects, and even created graduate student job market sites. University offices—such as the Office of the Chancellor, the Academy for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the Office of Sustainability, and study abroad programs—have also created sites using the platform. By using the platform, partners are also assured that their websites meet the goal of ensuring their content is accessible to all visitors.  

Office of the Chancellor website shown in a tablet view using the WashU Sites theme
Sustainability website shown in a tablet view using the WashU Sites theme

WashU Sites is built with the WashU Web Theme, an online resource that provides students, faculty, and campus partners with a comprehensive toolkit to create unique sites that serve their needs while also providing fonts, colors and styles to keep branding consistent across WashU’s websites. The Features section of WashU Web Theme, a documentation site with information on how to best utilize WashU Sites, includes examples of theme options and comprehensive tutorials to guide users customizing their websites.