Jackie Ritchie

Jackie Ritchie

Executive Director for Marketing Operations

If you’ve got a story to tell, I’m here to help bring it to life. My job involves ensuring that all creative materials are purposeful, timely, and within budget and that both our internal team and partners alike are informed throughout the project. I re-write most of my lists (with checkboxes) every day simply so that they are prioritized and ready to be checked. Aside from the visual gratification of crossing something off a list, I do this because I thrive on keeping our workflow focused, organized, and efficient. These “Type A” tendencies suit my position as creative services director well.

I came to WashU after five years as a senior account director for CPG Agency in St. Louis managing clients like Bridgestone Commercial Solutions, Sherwin-Williams, and Southwest Airlines. Prior to that, I was an agency account executive in Los Angeles overseeing primarily print marketing campaigns for many of the major film studios. I graduated from the University of Southern California with a major in communications and minor in advertising. I’m also completing my executive MBA in May 2022 from our own WashU Olin Business School. 

Outside of work, I spend the majority of my time chasing my two boys around the world and playing rock paper scissors with my husband to see who gets to sleep in on the weekend.

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