Patrick Holt

Patrick Holt

Coordinator, Administration

I am not sure what my job description is, but it might be easier to list the things I don’t do here. As a member of the admin team, my coworkers and i have our hands in a little bit of everything: we handle things like expenses (internal and external), our internal website, branding, printing, HCM, office supplies, training resources, and building maintenance.

I am also the guy you call when you’re not quite sure who to call with your question.  Where do I get permission to use the WashU logo on my cake?   Where do I find the best coffee on campus?   How do I get an ISBN for a book I wrote?     Where can I find a copy of the Alumni Magazine from Oct. 2016?  How do I submit a story to The Record? These are the kind of questions I see in my inbox, and I love to help answer them. Feel free to send me your Q’s, I got A’s.

I have been in higher education for close to a decade. Before coming to WashU in 2018, I worked on the other side of the Forest Park Parkway at St. Louis University.  My wife, Gina and I live in Affton with our tabby cat Butterscotch.

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