Terri Nappier

Executive Director, Periodicals; Senior Editor, Washington Magazine

“The reports of print’s death have been greatly exaggerated.”
My Twain

As editor of Washington magazine, I can attest that print lives. Further, research shows the majority of Washington readers still prefer to learn the good news of the university in print.

Over the past 16 years, I’ve worked to that end. I have had the honor and privilege of sharing stories of the exceptional people, programs and research affiliated with Washington University with a global audience of 150,000 readers, including alumni, parents, faculty, staff and trustees.

Lest I appear a Luddite, I also embrace the versatility and immediacy of the digital world. Look for a reconfigured and upgraded digital edition of the magazine soon, one that offers an even more immersive experience.

I also serve as executive director of periodicals, advising the editor of the university’s annual report and a magazine-hosted newsletter, Asia Extra. On these publications, I allow the use of the serial comma (sorry, Leslie McCarthy!) — for clarity’s sake.

In my spare time, I head outside: gardening, cycling, golfing, running, sailing, swimming, walking. I love to travel, too, and I take great joy in choosing the perfect printed book or magazine to read on the plane or take to the beach (no worries if you drop it).