faculty titles

In general, university faculty members are of various departments in or at various schools: James Grant, MD, the W. McKim Marriott M.D. Professor of Pediatrics in the School of Medicine; Joseph Smith, associate professor of English in Arts & Sciences; Nancy Jones, associate professor at the Brown School. The School of Medicine has a title of instructor in medicine.

For named professorships, use in, of or for if one of them is part of an official name: Wayne Harter, the Lynne Cooper Harvey Distinguished Professor in English in Arts & Sciences (in English because in English is part of the official name of the professorship). Robert Long, the Ruth and Norman Moore Professor of Architecture (of Architecture because of Architecture is part of the official name of the professorship). Use in if a particular department, school or discipline is not part of a named professorship’s official name: Scott Jones, the Spencer T. Olin Professor in biomedical engineering in the School of Engineering & Applied Science (in biomedical engineering because in biomedical engineering is not part of the official name of the professorship).

See department names and named professorships.

Note that development employees are not directly employed by the individual schools; therefore, they are for the various schools: David Jones, senior director of development for the McKelvey School of Engineering; Laura Smith, director of the Arts & Sciences annual fund and associate director of development for Arts & Sciences.

See named professorships for School of Medicine exception in handling endowed professorships.

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