Karen Daubert

Karen Daubert

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administration & Strategic Partnerships

My work at WashU has led me along myriad paths to reach my current role.  What has fascinated me most along the way are the mechanisms of collaborative systems and the pursuit of social sustainability.  How do we create vital environments?

It’s my honor to lead the fantastic team of professionals who provide operational support to University Marketing & Communications.  My broader scope is a focus on relationships with internal and external partners, leveraging my institutional knowledge and academic insight to build bridges and think strategically toward effective MarComm support for WashU’s schools, priorities, and initiatives.

On behalf of the university, I have since 2007 been actively engaged in the leadership of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), a multi-stakeholder organization that brings civil society, higher education, and business together to improve global labor conditions.  The WashU Trademark Program actively works to incorporate social and environmentally sustainable and responsible business practices in all we do.

I started my professional life as an academic in the humanities, and as an independent scholar I have published two essays on literary collaboration: “’Free-lance modernists’ at work, together: The early textual dialogue of Robert Graves and Laura Riding,” in The Art of Collaboration: Essays on Robert Graves and his Contemporaries, ed. Dunstan Ward (2008), and “Reflexive Authorship in Bettina Brentano-von Arnim’s Die Günderode: Narrative Disunity, Hölderlin, and Günderrode” in Gender, Collaboration, and Authorship in German Culture: Literary Joint Ventures (1750-1850), ed. John B. Lyon and Laura Deiulio (2019).

When not at a desk, I tend an eccentric garden of biodiversity, prepare and eat vegetarian food, go for walks with my partner and my dog, swim, and practice yoga.

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