Washington University’s graphic identity is a visual representation of our traditions, culture and values. Clear, consistent use of our graphic identity reinforces our reputation throughout the world, and enables us to create content that speaks to specific audiences while maintaining a single, unified voice.

These elements of visual identity and the way they are combined are more than just aesthetic choices. They are intended to strategically support the key attributes of the university. The university embraces design that is confident, direct, intelligent, human-focused, purposeful and effectively communicates content. Sending clear, consistent visual signals over time leads to a greater sense of familiarity between the university and our audiences.

Our identity is much more than our visual presence on our printed and digital communications. It is how we talk about the university and what others say about us. It is how we interact with each other and with our community. It’s about the actions we take and the stories we choose to highlight. Every person who is a part of WashU – all of us – are ambassadors and guardians of our reputation. Establishing and communicating a clear, compelling message, delivered with consistency and credibility, will help us solidify our distinct place among the world’s great universities.

Key Contact: Tracy Collins

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