There are a few different ways that events can be promoted on the university calendar.

Assembly Series

The university’s top tier events are showcased as part of the Assembly Series and given greater visibility on a dedicated channel. Any event that meets the Assembly Series criteria can be promoted on this channel. Assembly Series events can be added only by the designated communication leads for each school or universitywide center. The following checklist outlines the criteria for what constitutes an Assembly Series event: 

  • The event is free and open to the public. 
  • The event brings a distinguished speaker, who is a renowned authority in his/her field at the national or global level. 
  • The subject matter is of significant and broad interest to the university community, not too technical, and is accessible to a general audience. 
  • The event is expected to draw substantial attendance, likely exceeding 100. To accommodate this level of attendance the event takes place in a large venue. 
  • The event is photographed and/or recorded for the university archives. 

To designate an event to be featured on the Assembly Series, the authorized communication leads must select “Assembly Series” from the dropdown option for “Group” under Filters. 

Featured events

MarComm staff selects a small number of events to highlight in the Featured carousel at the top of the main calendar page. At any given time, the carousel displays a variety of happenings that appeal to a broad audience and are selected based on the quality of the submission, including a full description and photo. Featured events may also be highlighted on the homepage and in the Record and its “Happenings” issue. 

Sponsored events

MarComm staff may use this tool to highlight significant university-wide events (such as Commencement) and make them more visible in the Trending list. 

Trending events

The list of Trending events is based on an algorithm. It determines which events are most popular and most interesting based on dozens of factors. For more information, visit Localist’s website