Hyphenate phrases that incorporate -winning: award-winning.

2nd Century Award

2nd Century Award is preferred usage in titles. Second Century Award is preferred in body copy.

academic degrees

As a general rule, do not list degrees after a person’s name with the exception of a medical degree, MD, or combined medical/doctoral degree, MD/PhD.

academic titles

For faculty members with more than one academic appointment, the primary appointment or the appointment most pertinent to the story is listed first.

Academy for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The academy supports university faculty and staff with programming, training, events and other resources that aim to improve the campus climate of diversity and inclusion.


Use acronyms only for entities that frequently shorten their names on second reference. Do not create acronyms solely to save a few words.


Americans with Disabilities Act. Spell out in first reference.


In summer 2021, Washington University’s Mail Services replaced Campus Box (CB) with Mail Stop Codes (MSC). Each business unit has a unique mail stop code made up of the campus box number, building number and floor or suite number.