Consider your avatars, profile and background images to be extensions of your web presence. Your visual presentation on social media should be visually linked to your website, as well as follow the visual brand guidelines outlined here. But this is also an opportunity to have fun and present the unique personality of your unit.

Most avatars associated with social media accounts are not of appropriate size to accommodate an approved Washington University logo. Use of the university seal or shield are reserved for official university accounts.

Instead, choose an iconic and identifiable photo image as your avatar. Consider using a portrait or a photo of your location, a campus landmark or another image that will be recognizable at a small size and uniquely represent your account.

Facebook timeline cover photos and Twitter backgrounds can also be used to display a photo that helps to tell your visual story, with images of your people, place or activities.  If you need help with icons or your social media strategy in general, contact Cassaundra Sigaran.

social media avatar samples