Guidelines for Logotype Embroidery on Apparel

With its inherent complexity, the official logotype of Washington University in St. Louis poses challenges to successful embroidery. The guidelines and required approval process by a licensed supplier outlined below aim to ensure consistency and quality of embroidery decoration.

  1. Digitized files from official logotype artwork. All embroidered versions of the official
    University logotype must be produced with digitized embroidery files rendering the logotype
    exactly as supplied in electronic artwork from the University. No substitution fonts may be
    used for the customized font of the logotype.
  2. Minimum Stitch Counts. Substantial stitch counts are essential for a quality rendering of
    the logotype. Minimum stitch counts for three selected versions and sizes are as follows:

    Two-line Horizontal Washington University Logotype, 1.26” X 3.51” = 6109 stitches
    Two-line Centered Washington University Logotype, 1.88” X 3.51” = 6173 stitches
    Three-line Centered Washington University Logotype, 2.87” X 3.5” = 9124 stitches
    Two-line Horizontal School of Medicine Logotype, 1.72” X 3.79” = 8629 stitches
    Washington University Physicians Logotype, 2.09” X 3.80” = 12,926 stitches
    Outline Shield (closed version), 1.75” X 1.51” = 4594 stitches

    Please note: The minimums specified here have been developed for materials requiring the
    lowest number of stitches.
  3. Colors. Embroidery colors should reflect the official WUSTL colors as represented in the logotype guidelines document ( For polyneon thread manufactured by Madeira, recommended embroidery colors are:
    Sand (tan) = 1927
    Red = 1747
    Green = 1703
    White = 1801
    Black = 1800
  4. Shield. Full-color embroidery of the shield is strongly recommended. If a one-color shield is desired, the Brand Management Office must approve any one-color embroidery file before production. For the reverse full color logotype, disregard the white outline around the shield.
  5. Pre-approved embroidery files. Detailed information is available upon request from the university’s Brand Management Office regarding standardized, pre-approved digitized embroidery files already paid for by the university. Details available include logotype version, file number, size, stitch count, and steps.
  6. Other embroidery files. Except for the pre-approved files mentioned above, all embroidery files must be approved by the Brand Management Office before production. The sewn sample (or a good electronic image of an actual sewn sample), along with the stitch count, must be submitted with any request for approval.
  7. Employee Clothing. University employee clothing is university branded clothing worn by any employee while performing a work function for the university. All employee clothing should feature the official logotype. The two-line horizontal version of the logotype is strongly recommended.
  8. School of Medicine and Washington University Physicians. The Washington University Physicians logo must be used for all apparel and items in clinical venues. Pre-approved files are
    available for the School of Medicine and for Washington University Physicians. For more information, please contact the Brand Management office, or the Faculty Practice Plan Communications and Marketing office, 314-747-6542.
  9. Official School Versions. Please contact the Brand Management Office for guidance and
    recommendations regarding embroidery for Olin Business School, Brown School, School of
    Law, Arts & Sciences, Sam Fox School, and any other entities with Official School Versions of the logotype. For a complete list of Official School Lockups, visit our Logos, Symbols, and Marks page. If you do not see the school you are looking for, contact the Brand Management Office.
  10. Other WUSTL Symbols. For embroidery of other official WUSTL symbols, such as the Alumni Association logotype, the Athletics marks or the interlocking monogram wordmark, please contact the Brand Management Office for resources, guidance, and recommendations.


Brand Management Office
Janelle Hizer